Professional Copy Editing

Professional copy editing and formatting at a reasonable price.

What I do for you:StrandBooks

  • The usual spelling and grammar fixes
  • Look for weak words and sentences and suggest alternatives while keeping your “voice”.
  • Note logical problems if I spot them (should have been handled by a good story/plot editor)
  • Note errors in facts if I spot them (contrary to what I tell my friends, I don’t know EVERYTHING)
  • Format for eBook publication by Amazon
  • Anything else that I notice (such as info-dumps, slow starts, etc. that the story editor left unfixed)


I’d love to quote a flat, per-word fee, but that would be unfair to authors who bring me a fairly “clean” manuscript. Naturally, I’ll bid a troubled work higher than I will a clean one. If it’s truly a major mess, I’ll suggest you work on it some more, rather than spend a bundle (I know that eBooks rarely sell enough to pay for major work, but I’ll take your money if you insist). See Rates for complete info.

How to get started:

  • Contact me using the contact form to make sure I have a free slot for you.
  • If I do, I’ll ask for your complete manuscript (Not docx! Doc or rtf is fine)
  • I’ll “work” a random section(s) to see how much time it takes
  • I’ll return the marked-up manuscript segment, so you can see how I work, along with an estimate
  • If we’re both happy with the deal, I’ll be sending you pieces and comments as I work your ms so that it’s not all dumped on you at the last minute. And yes, I expect you to respond in a reasonable amount of time to questions and problems we encounter (I realize you may be writing in your spare time before/after work).

Featured Book of the Week

(Books I’ve given 4 or 5 stars)

Swords of Shahrazar
by Robert E. Howard

4 stars

Good adventure from the creator of Conan the Barbarian. The first 3 short stories are coordinated and take place in the Arab world with the hero (always the same guy) disguised as a local, but the last 2 take place in a different locale and the hero is no longer in disguise.

I found that somewhat jarring, but the stories themselves were worth reading.

The back cover promise, “… led a desert band to battle against an Empire — for a treasure as vast as all Asia!” That never happened. Yes, he’s pursuing treasure in many stories, but he’s hardly leading a bunch of people nor is he battling an empire.

Chalk it up to hype I guess.

Still the stories are good.