How to get an Interview on a Radio Show

by Al Kalar

One of the new things that’s happening on the Internet is the emergence of Blog Talk Radio. Some of these “stations” are pretty small potatoes with little if any audience, but some have caught on and can boast a fair following.

Unlike a “blowtorch” like WLS in Chicago which broadcasts 24/7, blog radios record articles and such, then post them for their audience to consume when they have the time.

Mark Eller, who writes horror stories, has cultivated some of these blogs very successfully to promote his line of books. You can too.

There are several things you must remember when dealing with ANY host, be it a blogger or a traditional radio or TV host:

  • Always be polite
  • Make the host look good
  • Don’t forget to promote yourself as well as your book, but don’t come off like an egomaniac.
  • Remember to tell the audience where they can buy your book(s).

Check out the website and listen to a few interviews before pitching the host for an interview of your own. That way you’ll know what the “flavor” of the show is like and can decide if it fits you. For instance, a station that specializes in Science Fiction and Fantasy isn’t going to be interested in your new math textbook.


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