Front and Back Matter

Front Matter can consist of:

  1. A teaser excerpt from the book just behind the cover page. Usually not longer than a page. You might want to select something that leaves the reader “hanging”.
    Some glowing reviews from well-known sources (like a major newspaper, etc.).Sneak peaks inside the front cover of some books from your home library to see examples of what can go there and how to format it.
  2. A page listing other works by you — if you have any.
  3. The title page.
  4. The copyright page.
  5. Dedication and Acknowledgement pages if appropriate
  6. Misc. stuff like maps and such if you absolutely must have them

Back Matter:

  1. Please don’t write, “The End” unless you’ve found a unique way to do so and it’s important to the ending of the story. And most of the “cute” ways to do it have been done before, so don’t be trite (like saying, “The Beginning”).
  2. Review request.
  3. About the Author page
  4. Preview excerpt from the next book in the series
  5. Cross-marketing excerpts for other books you’ve published

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