How to Write a Salable Book or Novel

This is a collection of short articles on the process of producing a novel. I wrote it for AKW Books a few years back.

Most of the information is still current and I’ve updated some of it. Using the list of contents in the right-hand bar, start with Part 1 and continue through Part 14.

This is a multi-part series of articles on what it takes to produce a salable work, be it fiction or non-fiction. It will not guarantee success or that you’ll find a publisher. You must still provide the content of your work, be it an engaging yarn or a study on the mating habits of some obscure insect. I can only point out things that will help to create a work that publishers will print and people will buy with their own hard-earned cash. You have to provide the inspiration and/or research for the actual work as well as the language skills necessary to convey your idea or story. Feel free to chime in to criticize, add ideas of your own, ask questions, or pump up my ego.


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