Part 10 – The Resolution

By Al Kalar

Three hints for making a speech:
Be sincere.
Be brief.
Be seated.

The battle is over and the dust is settling. The girl says, “yes”. The bad guy is busted by the cops. The rescuers break through to the survivors. The scam succeeds. So, now what happens?

If it happened to me, I’d be talking about it to anyone who’d listen for the next couple of years. I’d bore them to death.


If there are any loose ends, tie them up quickly and live with the fact that your story is over. If you want to set up for a sequel, do it rapidly and leave the reader hanging. [Note: there is a growing number of people who won’t buy a “cliff-hanger” series until ALL the books are published, so think twice before you write one.]

The conclusion is no place for a long chapter or for explaining to your audience how clever you’ve been. If you’ve been clever, they’ll know it. An exception would be the “how the scam was done” explanation (SHOW, DON’T TELL). After the climax, any gratuitous verbiage will bore the reader to death. Clean up any messes, satisfy the reader’s curiosity, and let the him get on to buying and reading your next book.

Now go back and do a final proof on your book.

You’ve hopefully written a salable novel or book.

Clench your teeth and get on with the hard part of marketing your work. We’ll delve into that subject next.


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