Copy Edit/Proof Reading Rates

My goal is to keep your copy editing/proof reading costs down while making enough to justify my time. At $.02 (2¢) per word that many copy editors charge, a 100,000 novel would cost $2000 for fewer services than I include in your edit. One popular proof reader charges that for just “grammar, punctuation, spelling”. And it’s probably worth it, but more than most part-time writers and students can afford. Businesses have to keep their costs down too, so I try to keep you profitable.

Yes, I could charge that $2000, but I have to live with myself afterwards. I’m retired and just looking for a few extra bucks to supplement my Social Security and retirement income.

If your work is almost perfect, I can get through it fairly rapidly and keep your costs fairly low.

If your work is “average”, it’s going to cost a bit more.

If that 100,000 word book needs a lot of corrections (grammar, word choice, reconstructed sentences, rewritten sections, etc.), it’s going to run well over $1000.  At this point, I’m likely to recommend that you do some more work before spending money on an editor. But if you want me to fix it anyway, I’m more than happy to bank your money — as long as you go into it with your eyes open.


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