Professional Copy Editing and Proof Reading at a reasonable price

Types of manuscripts I edit:

  • Novels (please, no porn or erotica)
  • Short stories
  • Technical papers such as:
    • General business
    • Business administration
    • Office procedures
    • Computer manuals
    • Basic physics
    • “How to” publications
  • Proposals
  • If you don’t see yours here, ask.

I don’t speak any foreign languages, but if you can write it in English, I’ll clean it up for you.

What I do for you:


I specialize in American English.

  • The usual proof read: spelling and grammar fixes
  • Copy edit: look for weak words and sentences, and suggest alternatives while keeping your “voice”.
  • Tighten wordy passages
  • “Americanize” work if American English isn’t your first language.
  • Help you fix the “flow” of the piece
  • Note logical problems if I spot them (should have been handled by a good content/plot editor)
  • Note errors in facts if I spot them (contrary to what I tell my friends, I don’t know everything)
  • Format for eBook publication by Amazon if needed
  • Anything else that I notice (such as info-dumps, slow starts, etc. that the content editor left unfixed)


I’d love to quote a flat, per-word editing fee, but that would be unfair to authors who bring me a fairly “clean” manuscript. Naturally, I’ll bid a troubled work higher than I will a clean one. If it’s truly a major mess, I’ll suggest you work on it some more, rather than spend a bundle, but I’ll take your money if you insist. See Rates for complete info.

How to get started:

  • Contact me using the contact form to make sure I have a free slot for you.
  • If I do, I’ll ask for your complete manuscript (Not docx! Doc or rtf is fine)
  • I’ll edit a random section(s) to see how much time it takes
  • I’ll return the marked-up manuscript segment, so you can see how I work, along with an estimate
  • If we’re both happy with the deal, I’ll send you pieces and comments as I work your manuscript so that it’s not all dumped on you at the last minute. And yes, I expect you to respond in a reasonable amount of time to questions and problems we encounter (I realize you may be writing in your spare time before/after work or school).

My qualifications:

  • Lead copy editor and proof reader for AKW Books 2008 – 2014
  • Freelance editor 2014 – present
  • BS degree in Business Administration, Ore. State U. 1966
  • Physics minor
  • Worked in data processing from 1966 to 2007 (with 3 years off to run a ranch)
    • Wrote many business proposals, data processing procedures, manuals, etc
  • Electrician (don’t write a book on do-it-yourself  house wiring; there’s a very good one out there already)
  • Published author (science fiction) under a pen name.

I read voraciously and review what I’ve read:

Featured Book of the Week

(Books I’ve given 4 or 5 stars)

Cities in Flight
by James Blish

5 stars

This is one of the benchmark books in the world of “hard” science fiction and Blish did a superb job of creating one of the most unusual, but believable, cultures in the genre. I’ve read this book 3 times and, if I live long enough, will probably do so again in a few years.

I have one caveat, and it’s something that many SF writers did in the early years. Too much scientific ‘baflegab”. And not simple baflegab, but stuff that would challenge the attention span of an advanced nuclear scientist. Fortunately, a lazy reader, like me, can skip over those bits without losing the thrust of the story line.